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July 24, 2018

How Using Modacity Can Help You Teach Music Better

The vocation of teaching music is a crucial part of the music world. Every single musician, at some point, was probably mentored by someone who helped put them on the path to mastery. Music education is a part of the music world that has affected…
July 11, 2018

Using Spaced Repetition to Achieve Effective Practice

When we practice, we often have to repeat material to refine our skills and learn repertoire. But by now, you're probably aware that too much repetition, especially in a single sitting, can actually cause regression. So, where should the line be drawn? How can one cultivate…
July 5, 2018

5 Ways to Create Healthy and Effective Practice Habits

Want to know one of the key factors to achieving mastery? Forming healthy and effective practice habits! Naturally, your level of success will depend greatly on the quality of practice that you put into your musicianship.  And in order to achieve radically efficient practice and…
June 15, 2018

Why It’s Incredibly Important to Rate Your Mastery

Rating your mastery each time you practice is an essential habit for musicians. Why? Because musical skills like rhythm and note accuracy must be measured in order for you to make musical progress! And you won't be able to measure your skills unless you have…
June 8, 2018

The Critical Importance of Visualization in Music Practice

Have a concert coming up that you’re not ready for, but currently feel too tired to practice? Want to practice but aren't able to because you don't feel well? Instrument in the shop? Only have 15 minutes, so it’s not really worth getting all set…
May 31, 2018

Note Taking – Tips & Strategies for Musicians

Keeping a practice journal is a standard piece of advice for musicians that's basically gospel. Why? Well, keeping a written record of your practice and performance is important for keeping track of your improvements.  Just like a ship’s captain keeps notes on the weather and…
May 29, 2018

How Using Playlists Can Improve Your Music Practice

Being organized in your music practice is incredibly important. Why? Well, all of us only have 24 hours in a day. And that time, once spent, is gone forever. We can't get it back! So the time you intentionally spend practicing your instrument should be…
May 23, 2018

Why It’s Important to Record Yourself During Your Practice

How often do you record yourself when you practice? One important aspect of efficient practice is recording yourself and listening back! Want to know why? Here are four reasons why you should record yourself during your music practice: 1. Find out what you REALLY sound…
May 22, 2018

5 Music Practice Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Everybody makes mistakes, right? While this is true, all serious musicians seek mastery. And you should be enabled to practice in a way that's efficient and helps you to avoid making mistakes. We like to think that simply sitting down to practice is good. But…


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Modacity.

How is this better than a practice journal?

A practice journal allows you to write in any information you wish. Being unstructured can offer an advantage since you can jot down notes or drawings, but it’s a huge disadvantage because it can lead to a lot of wasted time.

Modacity is far more efficient than a practice journal because it saves you time and effort. Here’s how:

  • Once you’ve typed in your practice material, it’s now just a button push away.
  • It automatically tracks time spent and milestones achieved.
  • Your recordings are saved with your practice items.
  • Countdown timers help you budget your time & stay on track.

In the future, Modacity will go a step ahead and start to calculate when you should practice a given item. These “spaced repetition” calculations are hard to do manually, but can result in up to 200% more material learned in the same amount of time.

Is my Modacity stored in the cloud? Can I back it up?

As long as you have an internet connection while running Modacity, we sync your practice data (but not recordings) to our secure servers. You can log in with another device and your Modacity data & history will load automatically.

For now, manual data export is only possible through a personal request. Please email hello@modacity.co if you would like a copy of your data (GDPR compliant)

What does it cost?

Modacity™ is $8.99 per month with an Apple Subscription, or $75 a year with a PayPal Subscription.

Check out our Subscriptions page for more information and scholarship otions.

Is this for specific instruments?

Modacity can be used for any instrument or voice type. There are no limitations to what kind of instrument or music you can practice with Modacity.

Is Modacity for classical music only?

Modacity was designed with classical music in mind – as well as rock, pop, funk, world music, jazz, blues, soul, gospel, Indonesian Gamelan, and any other kind of music imaginable. The music practice process has more to do with fundamentals of human learning than it does genre.

Can I practice ______ with Modacity?

Yes you can…. Probably! People aren’t just practicing instruments with Modacity. We have composers, public speakers, and graphic artists, among others, who are using the Modacity system to practice better and learn faster. Feel free to Get in touch if you want to discuss how to use Modacity for anything you might be trying to practice!

I hear Modacity is always growing, can I get access to new features before they're on the app store?

That’s right, Modacity is constantly in development and we’re always looking for ways to improve. However, before any of our new features reach the main app store, we need to work out all the bugs. This means that features may be ready for use weeks before they hit the public.

Want to be included in our tester program? Click here and sign up with your name & email address to get access to our test builds and be the first to use any new features!

So what’s the catch? No catch! Just keep in mind, that test builds are often unstable and have bugs – that’s why they’re still in test mode! All we ask is that if you come across a bug, just send the feedback (via the in-app feedback feature or directly via email) our way so we know what to fix!

How do I qualify for early features / tester access?

No qualifications required! Just click here and sign up with your name & email address.

Just remember, you’ll be using our test build – which means that while you’ll get new features before anyone else, you’re also going to experience more bugs than the stable app store ready version.

All we ask is that you let us know when you come across any bugs – so we can fix them! And of course, we’re always open to any feedback on how to make Modacity better – whether it be new features you’d like to see or even UI suggestions.

How does ask an expert work?

Your question (and audio recording, if you choose to include it) will be sent to Modacity. Our team of musical experts will either identify the answer, or reach out to a more qualified expert in our network who has the best answer for you.

This process typically takes 24-48 hours. We are however looking at ways to reduce this turnaround time while maintaining the highest standards of quality and helpfulness.

How will using Modacity help me?

There is a gap between what science knows about learning, and what most musicians actually do in the practice room. If you aren’t managing your practice session with these research-backed principles, you’re wasting time. But managing a practice session well also takes time away from playing your instrument. It keeps you from being able to focus on your musical goals.

We created Modacity to automate practice session management in a scientifically validated way. Saving you time, helping you learn faster, and keeping you more motivated while being able to track and review your progress.

So does it tell me what to do or when I get a wrong note?

Nope. Modacity doesn’t judge your performance, and while it does guide your improvement process, it doesn’t tell you how to make music. We believe that you, the musician, are fully capable of analyzing your performance with just a recording, and we help you evaluate what to work on. Maybe it’s right/wrong notes, but maybe it’s emotion, or maybe it’s finger efficiency.

When it comes to musical development, we don’t believe software algorithms are ready to take the place of human judgment. That’s why the Modacity practice process works for any skill level and any genre.

Who is Modacity for?

Modacity is primarily for musicians who want more effective practice so they can learn faster and achieve meaningful goals. Here are some types of people that are already getting great benefit out of using Modacity:

  • Band students preparing for solo & ensemble competition.
  • High school seniors preparing for college auditions.
  • College students who need to use their practice time wisely.
  • Grad/Doctoral musicians who want to learn faster or master difficult repertoire.
  • Young professionals who are auditioning for jobs.
  • Freelancers who want to balance their improvement.
  • Music teachers who want their students to benefit.
  • Amateurs who want the most out of their practice time.

Do you support Android?

Unfortunately, Modacity is iOS only for the time being. You can currently use it on any iOS product – iPhone, iPad, iPod, or i-WhateverYouWant. We’ll be aiming to add Android as soon as we can!

How do I submit an iOS debug log or crash report?

Below are steps to share a crash report from your iPhone.

  1. Go to the iOS Settings app.
  2. Go to Privacy.
  3. Go to Analytics or Diagnostics & Usage.
  4. Select Analytics Data or Diagnostics & Usage Data.
  5. Locate the .ips crash log for Modacity.
  6. The logs will be named in the format: Modacity(DateTime)(DeviceName).ips
  7. Select the desired Modacity log and share or copy.
  8. iOS 11 users, tap the Share icon in the top right corner and jump to step 10.
  9. iOS 9&10 users, long press to see the option to highlight text and select the entire text of the log. It will end in EOF. Once the text is selected, tap Copy.
  10. Share to or paste the copied text into an email.
  11. Send the email to support@modacity.co


Quality of practice is the defining factor in a musician’s success. Modacity’s music practice app is here to help you reach your musical goals.