There’s a growing movement to bring music practice into the 21st century. Musicians around the planet are seeing amazing results with Modacity™.


Building great software takes time, money, and strong teamwork. Paid subscriptions are an important step for the following reasons:
  • The more subscribers join us, the more features we can build.
  • Subscriber payments demonstrate that Modacity™
    is genuinely valued.
  • We’re in the musician industry and want to help musicians thrive.


We want to offer something for everyone, with a “freemium” subscription model.
  • For free, you can practice with Modacity™ and keep being amazing.
  • For $8.99 USD/month, you will unlock statistics, full history log, practice breaks, full-screen MetroDrone, and unlimited notes per item.
By subscribing, you are paying for a service – our work developing the app & supporting your practice.  We launch new features every month.


For early adopters, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity to get lifetime access at a big discount. Our regular subscription adds up to $107 per year. Now, for a one-time $125 payment, you can secure a lifetime premium subscription – less than the cost of a single expert music lesson in many cities.
We are committed long-term to empowering and connecting musicians through technology. Order your lifetime Modacity™ subscription!


Through PayPal, we are able to offer specially discounted subscriptions. You can cancel a subscription at any time, so why not make learning music easier and enhance your music education now by getting started today?

$8.99 $6.99 USD/month

Subscribe with PayPal and get our basic month to month offering, discounted!

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Our basic annual offering. Get a discount by paying for a full year upfront.

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$125 USD One Time

Get a lifetime subscription of Modacity™. Lock in your rate now – forever – even as Modacity™ grows.

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Or, you can use Modacity™ for free and still have great practice sessions!


Other Opportunities

Are you a devoted performer with a musical mission? Contact about our sponsored artist program. We offer a limited number of sponsorships to help musicians grow in their career and artistry.
Love Modacity™ but aren’t in a place to afford the subscription? On a case-by-case basis, we offer scholarships and discounts to those in financial need. Email


Your Opinion Matters

Every conversation we have helps shape the future of Modacity™. Have any thoughts about our subscription plan? Requests for features? Or just want to give us some love? We read and respond to all emails. Feel free to write in,
Happy music making & keep up all the good practice!
Marc Gelfo

Marc Gelfo

Marc has been practicing music for 30+ years. After applying cognitive science & computer science to French horn, Marc became an internationally touring symphony musician. His experience includes teaching and performing with thousands of musicians around the world, including the San Francisco Symphony.