We’re Passionate About Music

We believe in the power of music and that’s why we’re building a mobile app to help musicians learn faster while having more fun.

About Us

Music teachers say quality of practice is the defining factor in success – but almost nobody is practicing efficiently. Modacity changes that by combining spaced repetition, flow states, smart organization, and social dynamics to help musicians practice more effectively.

We’re musicians and music enthusiasts who recognized the lack in a good practice tool. One that not only keeps you organized, but helps you focus, tracks your progress, and even provides a resource to get advice.

We created Modacity because we want everyone who decides to learn an instrument to succeed. By helping musicians be more effective at practice we’ll help you get the results you want, while keeping you encouraged and motivated to stick with it and reach those goals – however big, or small, they may be.

Modacity, Inc. is a Delaware C Corporation launched in 2017 at Founder Institute San Francisco. Download our press kit.

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