Ever wondered about the link between neuroscience and music?

If so, listen to this podcast! You’ll get to learn all about neuroscience and music practice.

In this episode, Modacity Founder Marc Gelfo teamed up with Brent Vaartstra from Learn Jazz Standards to talk about how knowing more about cognition can speed up musical mastery.


Marc likes to call himself a neuro-symphonic french hornist. He strongly believes that the link between mind and body has a direct impact on music practice. Why? Well, Marc took what he knew about cognitive science and applied it to music. And following that, he was able to excel musically.

This is why he thinks that learning more about neuroscience can help with musical success. What’s more, is that Marc wanted to share what he learned. He wanted the world of music to know about the link between cognition and music practice. After all, that’s what made his music practice so much better. Furthermore, this is what inspired him to build Modacity.

Here’s what’s covered in this podcast episode:

  • The reason why Marc says he’s a neuro-symphonic french hornist
  • Why it’s so important for musicians to know about neuroscience
  • Cognition: it’s not just in the brain
  • The facts and fiction on muscle memory.
  • What you need to do to master musical information.
  • The importance of learning music for both the mind and body.
  • Modacity, and how it can help you to start practicing more effectively!

And last but not least…

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Mars Gelfo

Mars Gelfo

Mars has been practicing music for 30+ years. After applying cognitive science & computer science to French horn, Mars became an internationally touring symphony musician. His experience includes teaching and performing with thousands of musicians around the world, including the San Francisco Symphony.