Dig deeper into your practice.

I bet you’re a smart musician. You’ve bought the books, built your practice tool kit, and honed your practice strategies. Now, let’s take a journey inside and leverage your brain power. That’s exactly what Marc talks about with Brent on this episode of the Learn Jazz Standards podcast.

Musicians often talk about what practice strategies should be used to grow your musicianship. Jazz musicians talk extensively about what type of content to practice. Both practice content and strategies are very important, but seeing how your mind works clears the path ahead. With a little neuroscience and psychology, you can make your practice even more effective! Why do these matter? Understanding how learning works can help you discover what practice strategies do and don’t work for you. It can put handles on the path to mastery, so that way you’re in the drivers seat.

Give it a listen, and check out Learn Jazz Standards for more great podcasts!

In this episode:

  1. Marc’s journey to effective practicing
  2. Why practicing well matters (and the consequences of not) 
  3. Emotional, mental, and technical practice hacks 
  4. The importance of recording your practice 
  5. Practice more effectively with Modacity

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Mars Gelfo

Mars Gelfo

Mars has been practicing music for 30+ years. After applying cognitive science & computer science to French horn, Mars became an internationally touring symphony musician. His experience includes teaching and performing with thousands of musicians around the world, including the San Francisco Symphony.