Sponsored Artist Program

How you can grow with Modacity

Our Vision


Modacity supports community members who are following their dreams and making a positive difference in the music world!

We sponsor artists and groups who:

• Inspire us with their artistry, pedagogy, humor, or otherwise

• Demonstrate passion for music and/or music learning

• Desire to enrich the lives of our community and the greater global music community


What you’ll get out of it


We will:

• Post promotional content about you to our social media

• Link to your website, social, or YouTube whenever possible

• Provide free access to Modacity

• Comp you with codes (Details can be discussed later)

• Invite you to participate in events like Modacity concerts and online masterclasses


Your participation


We hope you’ll use Modacity and spread the word about how awesome the app is! If you are a sponsored artist, we’ll use your likeness (photos and/or “super duper illustrations”) in promotional materials, and expect you to share testimonials and other content.


Our sponsorship program is invite only

Let us know if you’re interested. The next step is an onboarding call with Founder/CEO Marc Gelfo. This call will clarify your involvement and explore the range of mutually beneficial promotional arrangements. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@modacity.co. Otherwise, we hope you’ll consider partnering with us!